Living Better, Right Now

What does it really mean to "live well"? Are you already noticing what thoughts come to your mind? Maybe you long to feel physically healthy, to have enough financial resources to pay the bills and take a vacation, or maybe the idea of living well is connected with finding peace in yourself and in your relationships. It has been both my experience and observation that living well does not happen by accident. I have met people who are seemingly healthy, well-resourced and in l

Setting Sail into Counseling

How you can find relief and hope through taking the leap into honest, loving support How long do many of us wrestle with the idea of reaching out for help before we actually make the call? For most of us, way too long. Why do we think we have to suffer alone? What resistance keeps us from facing the obstacles that keep us from being our best selves in this one life we've been given? Sneaky limiting beliefs often achieve their great goal: keeping us stuck. But what if you coul